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Want a fresh and delicious catering option for your next event? Simple Chef will provide on-time delivery right to your location. Find the Catering menu, hours, and options below!

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I came up with the name Simple Chef because I would be honored to be called either. But I'm neither Simple or a Chef, but a life goal will always be working on becoming just that.

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Orangeburg, South Carolina

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The company started as a small catering business out of my home. As a teacher of 10 years and mom of three small children, I had no free time to make thoughtful healthy meals and neither did my co-workers and friends. Which led to unhealthy food choices. As the company motto implies, you must eat well, to Live well, and want to fill your spirit. We physically are what we put into our bodies and what we put into our bodies dictates how we feel. If people do not have time to make good food choices, they do no feel well, and it does not help to fill the spirit.

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