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Casseroles and Cold Goods

Casseroles and Cold Goods

Want a fresh and delicious catering option for your next event? Simply Dupre  will provide on-time delivery right to your location. Find the Catering menu, hours, and options below!

Casseroles and Cold Goods

Casseroles and Cold Goods

Casseroles and Cold Goods

Find all of the delicious food for your home or business below!


about simply Dupre

We are a company that focuses on making fresh dinners and prepared foods that allows you to get back to what's important to you. 

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Feel free to call us at Simply Dupre  for any questions regarding our services or menu! 

Call or text (803) 500-6630 to place an order. Orders of $50 or more can  be delivered to individual offices or homes. 

Simply Dupre

South Carolina

Text or call us for any orders @ 803-500-6630 - Orangeburg to Charleston and all other areas @803-394-9569- Columbia -Greenville

About Us

The company started as a small catering business out of my home. As a teacher of 10 years and mom of three small children, I wanted my kids and coworkers to have amazing quick meals.  So I started meal prep and freezing casseroles and cold goods. It has given me great joy to hear the time people have been able to spend with each other because they can take a meal, bake it and never have to do dishes and have lunch for the week because of us! 


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